Florida Marriage License Information

You MUST OBTAIN Your Florida Marriage License in order to have a legal ceremony in the State of Florida.  All couples, no matter what gender, are legal to get married in Florida.   If you are having a vow renewal, or commitment ceremony, you do not need any documentation.  Here are the simple rules for obtaining your Florida Marriage License:

  • Florida residents have a three day waiting period before their license is valid.  Your Florida marriage license will be good for 60 days, so you can start the process well before your ceremony.  Please don’t wait until the day before your ceremony, because the marriage license will not be valid.
  • You must go to the clerk’s office in person, and together.  You will need your photo ID.   And if you have been divorced, the date your divorce was final.
  • Once you leave the clerk’s office, you will have your Florida marriage license with you.  You will bring your marriage license to the ceremony site where we will take it with us for official filing.
  • There is no waiting period for your Florida marriage license for non-residents of Florida.  You can go to the clerk’s office together, and obtain your marriage license.  Photo ID is required.  If you have been divorced, you will need the date your divorce was final.
  • With all of our couples, we can assist you in obtaining your Florida marriage license by mail.  This is a great way to obtain your marriage license because why wait in line, when you can be at the beach!

When we officiate your ceremony, and the ceremony is complete, we will take your marriage license and bring it back to the county for official filing.   The local clerk’s office will record your marriage license, and it will not be legal, and binding document  Once you receive this official document back in the mail, you can start the process of changing your name, etc…

To check out all of the Florida Clerk’s office locations, click this link:  flclerks.org

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